Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who or What is my Soul Essence?

I AM Soul Essence. Soul essence is a very deep and personal part of each of us. Our goal in life is to find our Soul essence and bring it to the surface of our life. Soul essence sometimes is something that can’t be named. It could be a feeling or the combination of several feelings. Mainly it is about living our Truth. It is serving a purpose in our life that not only touches us but touches others. Soul essence is a core part of us.

Soul Essence is not how a person looks or how much material possessions one has.  It is not about hair or eye color, how short or tall you are, if you are rich or poor. It is not about being smart or dumb, being in with the “right” crowd or being a rebel. Soul Essence is much deeper. It is not shallow and it is not always easy. It can turn you inside out and upside down. However, the benefits to finding the answers are joyous and uplifting.

In order to find your Soul Essence one must go on a journey. This journey goes deep into your heart to find out what you believe and what you dream. It is a journey that asks questions and looks for answers. You may not know all of the questions or the answers. This journey takes time and dedication. It will bring you knowledge beyond your years and you will learn so much about yourself. It truly is priceless. It is something one must want to do. However, it doesn’t have to be done all alone. There are people to help you. In a Search Engine enter phrases like transformation or soul essence or journey and you are sure to bring up websites with people who would love to help you find your way.

Soul Essence is always a positive aspect of a person’s life. It is never negative or harmful to you or someone else. This type of essence is so positive and so beautiful you will feel the need to share it. You will automatically know the right thing to do in a situation though honestly you may not do it (sometimes our Free Will still takes over and does what it wants). Essence will only help you to become the best person you can be, the most loving person you can be, and you will become the happiest you’ve ever been.

Soul Essence is being tolerant and loving, accepting and respectful. It is about loving yourself as well as others. It is about knowing that you are a beautiful being that can create your own destiny. You love yourself so much and accept yourself for who you are. There are many aspects of the Soul which can’t be seen or touched. They just are. They can be felt in your Heart and your gut. It is the secret part of you that has never been opened. You just need help accessing your Key. Once you open the door you can never go back. Sure, you can try but you still will be different.

My Soul essence is a love of writing and art. I love to put words to paper and write something beautiful or thought provoking. I touch others with my words. I admit I love touching others and the feelings I get when I have made a difference (however small) in someone’s life. Soul essence is Passion, it is a dream fully realized and implemented.If you could not do this special activity then you would not be the real you or the true you.

Some people will know your Soul essence before you do. These are people who are in tune with the flow of Soul. Some people can see it or feel it. You will know these people for they will feel comfortable to you. They will make you feel Home with a sense of belonging and family that delves deep into your Heart. These people are your guides. They are here to help in different ways. They come into a person’s life and give whatever that person needs at the time. Then they leave and enter someone else’s life  giving them whatever type of help they need. It is a cycle for these special people and they may or may not stay in your life. They tend to stay when both of your Essences are joined together and are much stronger in a good and healthy way there by helping more and more people. It is as much a service relationship as a spiritual relationship.

There is much more to Soul Essence. Even I have not found all of the questions and answers. Though I consider myself a life time student I have also found I am a teacher too. I never really thought about it much yet someone I talked with over the phone said I am most definitely a teacher. She says I teach and lead with my words. You know what, I realize now that she is right. I love words, I love communicating with words, but mostly I love to touch others with these words.

That is it for now. I hope I have not overwhelmed anyone. This is a big topic and one I am attempting to cover in a very short article. Take care and remember Soul Essence is in everyone and it is always a positive force in one’s life. Now, go out there and enjoy life by being the best person you can. In doing so, you just may find yourself on the journey to finding your Soul Essence.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Passionate Painting

It has been such a long time since I last blogged. So much has happened/is happening. I am deep now into my Creative Goddess e-course and I am loving it! 

Our first project was to create a painting using objects from outside. Our next project was to make an arrow out of objects from outside and decorate it with objects from inside our house which were meaningful to us. Let's see, the 3rd project was based on a creating a Healing type of artwork. The 4th project is making a shield which represents our own power and we could make this any way we wanted to. That is currently where I am at, still making my shield. I chose painting. 

Painting has become important to me. I am passionately delving into a medium I have not really tried before.  I am having fun doing this and learning about the process. In order to do this properly I bought an easel, acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas. Let's just say these were early Christmas presents to myself.

I know why I like painting - it's the colors. Passionate play in so many different colors! The bright oranges, the bright and deep yellows, the reds, and various shades of pink and purple and blue and green. Oh, and glitter paints! Can I say girly-girl? The texture of these paints is amazing - it really is creamy like the tubes say.  

This creative course is wonderful because nothing has to be perfect. There is not a special technique for painting or creating any other project. What ever you make is good and it is what you are supposed to make. Goddess Leonie says artistic work is intuitive and so you can never do it wrong. There is such a relief, and such freedom in those words. It is like being a kid again. Playing again for as long as you want. 

Passionate play and passionate painting just two things I am truly passionate about. 

Life is about passion and soul! Find your purpose and you will find your passion! Til next time - take care! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Passionate Soul

Once again my Soul has invited me on a passionate search, a dance if you will. My Soul has already led me to a wonderful group of women - all members of the Goddess Circle. Goddess Leonie from Australia is one of the most passionate women I have met in my life. Now, of course I haven't actually met her...but I feel I have. She has many videos and even her own Goddess TV Channel on the internet. She is bubbly and bursting full of love, happiness, passion and creativity. She leads this group of women (over 20,000) through ecourses on creativity, motherhood, meditation, and on how to find time for yourself. As women, we take care of others first and leave ourselves last. The Goddess Circle is all about following a passionate way of life to find the Goddess within you. There is a chat room, and several area forums to connect with Goddesses around the world. She even has a Pen Pal list for those that want to connect with snail mail.

The women that belong in the Goddess Circle are like many women. Many have jobs, kids, are married, are creative and are searching for something "more" in their lives. This time for themselves is carved out of a very busy day. For instance, I find my time for my creative self throughout the day. On a weekday it may be writing poetry in the morning on the bus, writing poetry or reading at lunch, editing poetry or reading on the train ride home. When I get home in the evening I just relax (or at least try to). 

Raise your glass in salute and toast the passionate Souls in your life.